Why Fire Rated Glass is an important aspect of Health & Safety

It goes without saying that fire safety is of high importance in any building. It’s crucial to ensure that your fire protection strategies are keeping in line with any stringent building safety regulations that have been put in place. It’s important to carry out risk assessments to identify any potential issues, and work towards getting […]

10 ways Fire Rated Glass Doors are essential in a modern office

Fire doors are highly important when it comes to health and safety in any building. It’s crucial to make sure that the appropriate fire safety precautions are put into place, and fire rated doors are essential. Glass fire doors are just as effective as standard solid doors, but are far more aesthetically pleasing – making them […]

Is sitting at our desk killing us?

Numerous scientific studies have suggested that we sit too much. Many of us spend up to 12 hours sitting on our bottoms – at work, at home, in the car, in the cinema and even the gym! Add that to the average seven hours’ sleep and it adds up to almost 19 sedentary hours every day. As […]

Making the most of small office spaces with glass partitioning

Do you find that your office is small, over crowded and just not how you hoped it would be? If you’ve been wishing for an office overhaul, there’s a few things you can put in place first to utilize your existing space without packing up and moving premises. Not everybody is lucky enough to have […]

How using glass can give your office the modern touch

Is your office looking dull and out-dated? If you’re looking for a quick way to spruce up your workspace, we may just have the answer for you. It might seem like a fairly straight forward concept, but incorporating glass into an office space is actually one of the simplest yet effective way to transform an environment. […]

How Office Blinds can add style whilst increasing privacy & security

Window blinds are an essential fitting for most offices. They might seem like a rather basic and unnecessary cost for some people, but office blinds come with a heap of benefits that naked windows are missing out on. Whether you’re looking for a little more privacy or light control, window blinds are a key investment […]

Why choosing glass doors can create the illusion of more space

Glass Doors Offices of today are becoming much more cool, creative and modern with their designs. First impressions count, and an aesthetically pleasing workspace can be exactly what is needed to boost your company’s image. It’s important to create an office space which is sleek, modern and elegant whilst still offering practicality and reflecting the […]

Glass fire doors and partitions – a mix of safety with style

Dark, solid fire walls are a thing of the past. Now, glass fire screens are all the rage. Glass fire screens are the perfect addition to any modern building, where fire safety is of the utmost importance. Benefits of glass fire doors and partitions: Sleek, modern finish; so not to disrupt the overall design of […]

Give your office the ‘wow’ factor with Frameless Glazing

With minimal effort yet maximum impact, frameless glazing can completely transform your workspace.   Frameless Glazing Frameless glass partitions give you the best chance of achieving that sleek, elegant office look which is so highly desired. Not only is frameless glazing particularly pleasing to the eye and has the ability to introduce a flood of light into an […]

The future of glass office partitions: Introducing Smart Film Glass

Smart Film Glass Switchable Film, Privacy Film, Intelligent Film – whatever you want to call it, Smart Film Glass is one of the latest technological breakthroughs used to transform any office space in a snap. We understand that some days you enjoy your office environment to be bright and open, and on others you’re after […]