Voest Alpine

Voest Alpine produce exceptional steel profiles for use with fire screens and doors.

We’re proud to offer Voest Alpine framework to our customers as part of our fire screens and doors. As with all of our other manufacturers, Voest Alpine hold the appropriate certifications for fire screens to be produced and fitted for safe use with the strict controls they put in place during production.

Voest Alpine use only the best quality steel to manufacture their ‘vrame’ systems for doors and portals, ensuring the highest quality each time. Of their vrame profile systems, Voest Alpine say: “In addition to increased safety requirements, high standards must be met in aesthetics, design and design freedom, especially when it comes to door and portal construction. The vrame profile system series guarantees all of this with exemplary user-friendliness.

Both the simple processing and the integrated system for all functional requirements make vrame an impressive alternative. For quality-conscious users, planners and processors – in short for everybody who wants door and portal construction to be easy rather than unnecessarily difficult.”

In order to achieve the high quality finish of their steel profiles, Voest Alpine use precision engineering using the roll forming process in their state-of-the-art production facility. Voest Alpine’s unique steel profiles are of exceptional quality, ensuring great functionality and a long service life which becomes a worthy investment over time.

Due to the high quality steel used, this allows Voest Alpine systems have a simple, minimalistic look whilst also boasting stability. They can be made with extremely slim face widths, for when bulky framework isn’t required and so can achieve a more slimline, aesthetically pleasing look. Twice the surface protection is offered on their systems, by combining their high quality sendzimir galvanised surfaces with a powder coating or covering lacquer. Voest Alpine systems are made to be simple, unique and long-lasting.