Client: Qdos
Location: Rochdale
Contractor: Beva Investments
  • Single Glazed Partitioning System
  • Curved Glass
  • Aluminium Doorframes to suit Timber Doors
  • Timber Doors
  • Frosted Glass
Specification: Single Glazed Frameless System, 12mm Clear Toughened Glass, Timber Doors into Aluminium Doorframes, Bespoke Manifestations

Working on behalf of the well-established Beva Investments, we undertook the installation of Single Glazed Frameless Partitioning with Timber Doors fitted into Aluminium Doorframes.

We transformed this office space with bespoke frameless glass doors, allowing floods of natural light, keeping the office well-lit from room to room.

Fitted with 12mm Clear Toughened Glass into Aluminium Doorframes created a minimal yet sleek and professional look throughout the office.

This curved Glass Partition created a unique look to this already well-spaced office, offering levels of privacy whilst maintaining an open-plan feel.

With the Frameless Glazed Partitioning System, we took this office to new premium levels, creating a modern yet functional feel to this space.

Maintaining privacy whilst allowing floods of natural light was a necessity, coupled with Bespoke Manifestations, creating a tailored and personalised workspace.

Contrasting the white and grey theme of the office, the Aluminium Doorframes create a visually appealing contemporary design paired with the Single Glazed Frameless System.