Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in finding out more information about our services? Read below for our most commonly asked questions.

While most of our customers require our full installation service – we can offer Glass Partitions on a Supply Only basis.

We employ full time surveyors and always undertake a full site survey prior to every installation.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a design service. Most of our installation are on a sub-Contract basis for Office Fit-Out Companies who have their own in-house designers. We can recommend a Designer in your area.

We employ our own in-house, fully trained Installation Teams. All our in-house site operatives hold current CSCS card and are trained to adhere to health and safety best practices.

We offer a full Nationwide Installation service throughout Mainland UK.

We try to work on 2-3 weeks from order to completion. If you have an urgent requirement, please call our Project Teams on 01706 711397.  We can usually accommodate most requests.

We will need to know in advance what floor any installation is required to be undertaken on, as it affects installation times. Please call our Project Teams on 01706 711397 to discuss site access.

From initial Order, we would usually send one of our Site Surveyors to obtain accurate site dimensions. Materials usually take a week to organise, and Installation usually takes a couple of days. We usually work  to accommodate any deadlines.

Please call our Project Teams to discuss your requirements.

We offer a number of different systems dependant on budget, and specification requirements. Please contact our Project Team to discuss your requirement, and we can provide a fully certified system to suit.

For any specific building requirements, you must consult with your local Building Control Department, who will advise on what specification any Fire Doors will need to meet.

Once you know what is required, please contact our Project Team who will happily advise on what Product we can provide to meet your requirements.

To comply with Building Regulation Document N and M you are required to add manifestation to your partition in order to make it visible and to avoid collisions.

Manifestation is usually an adhesive film that is applied to the glass partition once it is installed. Manifestation must be a minimum of 2 rows of dots or squares on full-height glass partitions. Glass manifestations can also enhance privacy and add an attractive design feature. They are a relatively inexpensive way to personalise your office with bespoke graphic design.

We specialise in Glass Partitions, and only undertake work related to the framework and glass elements. The solid elements of an install are normally carried out by your joiner or builder. But please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please call us to discuss any Edge of Mezzanine requirements, we can then advise and offer a suitable Glass Partition,

The overall weight of a glass partition is extremely heavy.

Glass weighs 2.5kg x mm Thickness x overall m/sq.

Please call to discuss the overall weight of any requirement you might have, and we can provide an accurate overall weight.

Unfortunately, we are not structural engineers, and we cannot advise as to the suitability of a Glass Partition. We advise that a Structural Engineer is consulted on every installation to check the suitability of your building. We can advise on overall weight of any proposed Glass Partition.

Unfortunately, we do not offer Free-standing Glass Partitions.

We only install Safety Glass – either 10mm or 12mm Toughened glass or 10.8mm or 12.8mm Laminated Glass. Most of the Glass Partitions we undertake are full height and are required by Law to include Safety Glass.

Nickel Sulphide (NiS) Inclusions are microscopic elements of contamination, invisible to the human eye, that are present in all glass.  Although extremely rare, they can lead to spontaneous breakage in toughened glass.

The very low risk of this occurrence can be reduced (but not eliminated) by Heat Soak Toughening (HST), whereby the toughened glass is left in the toughening furnace for an extended period to  induce any potential breakage in a controlled environment. However, this is not a guaranteed procedure.

Due to the time and considerable fuel/energy involved, the cost of HST is somewhere in the region of FIVE times the cost of standard toughened, hence it is very infrequently requested.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer a guarantee against NiS or any breakages or be held responsible for the cost of replacements.

All our systems are fully demountable and can be moved to be re installed into another space. However, Toughened glass is not able to be cut to suit lower heights or widths, so re-use of toughened glass is subject to consistent heights and width.

All our Aluminium Frames and Glass Panels are delivered with minimal packaging. All packaging is removed from site and recycled. All our aluminium is 100% recyclable.


Yes, we trade with Interior fit-out companies, Construction companies, Architects and Designers all over the UK.

We are accredited members of the FIS, Constructionline and hold CHAS certification.

Our steel fire rated glazing systems are fully compliant with BS 476: Part 22:1987, EN 1364-1 & BSEN 1364-1 Standards, with ratings for E30 (FD30), EI30 (FD30/30), E60 (FD60) and EI60 (FD60/60) with certification produced upon completion of install.


Once instructed to proceed we’ll conduct our own site survey and measure taking all responsibility of measurements away from yourselves.

Our installations come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers faulty parts only and not damage caused by mis-use or wilful damage.

We regularly add recently completed projects in our case studies here.

You can get in touch with us by emailing your enquiry to or calling our office landline on 01706 711397.

We’re always on the lookout for talented and hardworking people to join our site and office based teams. You can contact us by email on or our office landline on.