27 / 05 / 2022

How do fire rated glass doors work?

If you’re looking to add fire screen doors to your office environment and would like to find out more information, then you’re in the right place.

We will discuss in-depth how fire rated glass doors work and how they can benefit you. 


What are fire rated glass doors?

Glass fire screens and doors provide the ultimate barrier to prevent fire from spreading. They are an essential lifeline and provide the vital time required to allow people to safely evacuate buildings in the event of a fire. 

Implementing glass in a fire protection strategy is a choice, but the type of glass used is not. Compared to other materials available, glass is the most modern and aesthetically pleasing solution, whilst it also excels in its safety properties. It’s crucial to note that fire-rated glass is different to ordinary or toughened glass, and it should never be substituted for either.  


How they work

The construction of fire-rated glass makes it able to withstand higher temperatures compared to standard and toughened glass. It’s made from several layers of toughened glass with intumescent interlayers, which gives it the ability to repel heat, flames and smoke. This also creates a barrier to stop flames and smoke from spreading between rooms and allows for a clear exit. 

If a fire did break out in an office environment, rest assured all employees will be safe and protected as long as they follow fire safety procedures. At Office Blinds & Glazing, we have provided fire-rated doors and glass screens to some of the most iconic buildings in the UK. We have a wide range of fully certified, steel-framed and glass fire screen doors.

Glass Fire screen by Office Blinds & Glazing

The different ratings of fire rated glass doors

Fire-rated glass doesn’t just come in one standard, there is a variety of different ratings given to fire-rated glass, depending on its performance. As a guide, the fire-rated glass will typically provide performance from anywhere between 20 minutes and 120 minutes, which is the length of time that the glass will stay intact when exposed to fire.

This is also affected by the type of framework surrounding the installation, so if you were looking to provide the maximum performance time, a thermally insulated framework would be required. Alternatively, framework-free silicone-jointed systems would usually take 60 minutes, which could make all the difference.

Insulation and integrity are only present in certain classifications of glass. It’s split into 3 categories:

Class E: Integrity only performance, which will not prevent the transmission of radiant heat, however, it will contain the spread of flames and hot smoke.

Class EW: Integrity performance, this will provide a slight ability to withstand heat resistance.

Class EI: This is the highest level of performance, with huge protection from fire, smoke and heat. Due to the glass’s high melting point, it increases the strength of the glass and is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

As well as being able to segregate areas of the building to minimise the spread of smoke and flames, another major highlight of glass screens and doors is their ability to provide a clear escape route, as the transparent glass allows you to see where the escape route is heading to. This can potentially help you to avoid entering an area that may be affected by smoke or flames, further increasing your chances of safety.

Glass Fire screen by Office Blinds & Glazing

Why choose fire rated glass doors?

It can sometimes be quite difficult to maintain a unique and modern office design, whilst also taking the appropriate safety precautions. This is why fire rated glass doors are the ideal solution, as they have the ability to blend in with a new or existing office design, without disturbing the overall image.

Fire-rated glass doors are fully transparent, meaning that they allow the maximum amount of natural light to pass through. Mainly when teamed up with full height glass partitions, they can maximise the amount of natural light penetrating an area. Increasing natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting, and less artificial lighting equals lower energy costs.

Fire-rated glass doors are custom-made to perfectly fit size requirements, and can therefore be fitted with ease and minimum disruption. As with glass partitioning systems, glass fire doors can be customised to incorporate unique designs or logos. This added touch is what makes them truly unique and a stand-out feature.

glass fire screen by Office Blinds & Glazing


Now you understand how fire-rated glass doors work, you may be keen to have them installed in your office. At Office Blinds & Glazing, we can supply and install a vast range of top quality fire-rated glass screens. Our friendly team can offer expert advice and provide the perfect solution to meet the most demanding needs. Get in touch today!

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