26 / 11 / 2015

10 ways Fire Rated Glass Doors are essential in a modern office

Fire doors are highly important when it comes to health and safety in any building. It’s crucial to make sure that the appropriate fire safety precautions are put into place, and fire rated doors are essential.

Glass fire screens are just as effective as standard solid doors, but are far more aesthetically pleasing – making them perfect for the design conscious. Here’s 10 ways in which fire rated glass doors are essential in any modern office.

1. They don’t disrupt the office design

fire rated glass door

It can sometimes be quite difficult to maintain a unique and modern office design, whilst also taking the appropriate safety precautions. This is why fire rated glass doors are the ideal solution, as they have the ability to blend in with a new or existing office design, without disturbing the overall image.

2. Instead, they enhance it

In every modern office, one of the most important things is to have it looking good. Similarly to glass fire screens/partitions, fire rated glass doors are just as pleasing to the eye. If you compare glass fire doors to the look of any solid, heavy alternatives there really is no comparison.

3. They create the illusion of more space

Glass is a wonderful thing. It has the ability to inject elegance and a modern touch, whilst also creating the illusion of more space. Being able to look beyond a solid steel door frame tricks the eye into thinking a space is actually a lot larger than it is.

4. They’re cost effective

Fire rated glass doors are fully transparent, meaning that they allow the maximum amount of natural light to pass through. Particularly when teamed up with full height glass paritions, they can maximise the amount of natural light penetrating an area. Increasing natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting, and less artificial lighting equals lower energy costs. Well, you can do the maths…

5.  They’re practical

Glass fire doors

It goes without saying that glass fire doors are practical, as escape routes are the most vital part of any fire safety precautions.

6. They meet building regulations

We don’t need to tell you that fire safety is important, but it is. This is why stringent building regulations are put in place, to make sure everything is up to scratch. Fire rated glass doors are made with advanced fire glass technology which meets all health and safety standards.

7. They’re easily installed

Fire rated glass doors are custom-made to perfectly fit size requirements, and can therefore be fitted with ease and minimum disruption.

8. They’re customisable

As with glass partitioning systems, glass fire doors can be customized to incorporate unique designs or logos. This added touch is what makes them truly unique and a stand-out feature.

9. They’re just as good as any other fire doors

Although it may seem like glass can’t be as good as alternative fire resistant materials, the toughened glass is excellent at restricting the spread of flames, smoke and hot gas for a prolonged period of time. Which of course, is a crucial aspect of fire doors.

10. They’re safe

And that’s the most important thing.

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22 / 12 / 2015

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