15 / 07 / 2022

How to keep your office cool in the summer

Every worker can agree that working in an office during the summer can be challenging due to the hot climate. You can start feeling agitated and distracted because it’s so warm, and this affects your ability to work.

However, there are a few handy solutions that both employers and employees can try to cool the temperature in the office and improve productivity in the workplace. Here are our tips for you to implement straight away!

Make ice cold water easily accessible

A simple tip, but one which is overlooked in some offices. Access to ice-cold water is essential for keeping cool in an office throughout the day, as the natural cold touch of the water instantly cools you down and refreshes your body. Everybody can simply go to their office kitchen and pour themselves a drink from a regular sink tap, however, there are more efficient ways of drinking cold water.

You could purchase multiple packs of bottled water and store them in the fridge or freezer, and throughout the day when you’re thirsty you can grab a bottle which can last you a decent amount of time. If this isn’t an option you could buy a few bags of ice from the shop and store in the freezer, so when an employee is ready for a glass of water they can add as many ice cubes as they want to keep them refreshed. 

Some offices have them, but if you don’t we recommend you purchase a water dispenser. These are a great addition to the office, if you’re in need of quick hydration before a meeting or in general you can grab a small cup from the machine and press for either cold or ice-cold water. Granted it’s an asset the company will have to purchase but it’s a worthy investment as every employee will be more than satisfied.

Keeping hydrated throughout the day is essential to working at a high level, so ensuring you drink plenty of water during working hours will benefit you immensely. 

water dispenser

Dress appropriately

Dressing for warm weather in an office can be a tricky situation as some employees want their employees dressed smartly all year round, whereas some have a smart casual dress code, which gives them more flexibility. If you fall into the category of smart clothing then it may seem like there aren’t many changes you can make, however, there are a few. 

For example, wearing a thinner shirt will cool you down a lot more than you think due to the soft and light material it’s made from. If you wear a thicker shirt, you’re more prone to heating up quicker and you’ll be vulnerable to sweat patches which can make you feel self-conscious. Nobody likes having sweat patches, especially if you’re meeting someone important for a meeting, so wearing a thinner shirt will go a long way. 

Furthermore, if you’re allowed to dress smart casual then you have more freedom to try different outfits which will keep you comfortable and cool at the same time. There are many styles you can wear that will help prevent you from overheating whilst also looking smart too. You have a great advantage of enjoying the best of both worlds!

In general, ensuring you’ve dressed appropriately for the hot climate in an office is key, as you don’t want any discomfort or heat distraction throughout the day.

employees working in office

Keep windows shut 

This might appear a silly suggestion, but keeping the office windows shut during the hottest part of the day is a great way of keeping your office cool in the summer. It’s a fact that it is warmer outside than inside, so when you open the windows in the heat you are releasing and removing all the cold air that’s been built up all day.

This can cause major discomfort to all employees as they will not feel comfortable working anymore. They will feel agitated by the heat and this begins the decline of office productivity. So, to combat this issue keep your office windows closed permanently and make sure you have good air conditioning or fans set up around/near employee workspaces. 

Relay with the rest of your team or speak to your boss about keeping windows shut to ensure nobody accidentally opens them. Everybody will be aware because their main priority is to keep cool in the office during summer. On top of this, if your office has blinds then it’s a good idea to keep them closed for as long as you can to prevent the sun rays from beaming in and heating the room up.

If your windows are glass partitions then the sunray lights will be trapped due to the material it’s made from – causing the room to be naturally cooler.

If your office hasn’t got glass partitions then we recommend getting some. At Office Blinds & Glazing, our products keep you comfortable and improve your work ethic during hot weather. We have featured in many award-winning projects in some of the UK’s most iconic buildings. 

Consider employee wellbeing

Every successful employer knows keeping employees happy is the key to a successful business. Keeping them happy involves many things, but the main area is their well-being. Too often some employers don’t recognise when an employee is struggling or not, especially during humid conditions in an office.

During the summer, it’s very common for people to suffer from hayfever and this can be hard to manage when you’re at work. You can’t help sneezing every few minutes and it becomes a distraction, especially when you have strict deadlines with work. A good way to help sufferers of hayfever is to install air purifiers in the office.

An air purifier will remove any dust, pollen and other particles from the office and it’ll improve the overall air quality in the working environment. Acquiring this will offer relief to the employee and ease their hayfever symptoms dramatically, therefore increasing work productivity too. Also, encouraging everyone to drink fewer hot drinks throughout the day can keep them cooler too, as if you consume warm fluids it automatically heats your body up.

happy employees

Interested in acquiring glazed partitions to keep your office cooler this summer? Get in touch with our friendly team today and we will provide you with a quote!

30 / 08 / 2022

Tips to create a more energy-efficient office

The current cost of living crisis in the UK has encouraged businesses to cut down on costs where possible. Until recent years, many of us haven’t given too much thought to how much energy we waste, so today we shall highlight those big expenditures and provide you with our top tips on how to create a more energy-efficient office.