30 / 11 / 2022

Keeping your office secure over the Christmas period

Christmas is approaching fast, which means it’s nearly time for celebrations with family and friends. Many of us be fortunate to have some much-needed time off work over the Christmas period.

But before we sign off, it’s vital you keep your office secure over the holidays, as empty offices can be a prime target for burglars, especially at this time of year when they’re vacant.

So, here are our tips to help keep your office secure over the holidays.

Check security and lighting 

During the winter months, the days get darker quicker and earlier, which increases the need for lighting in the office. But, when there is no one in the office over Christmas, there is no need for using the lights and zero employees will be present. So, to save money we highly recommend you keep your lights off, however, they can also be crucial aspects of security. If you keep your security lights on, this will help deter thieves who attempt to break into your office. 

If anyone does break in unnoticed, your security lights will immediately turn on and should scare them off. This will put them in a state of panic, as they will know they’re being watched by your office security. Most businesses have this installed as they’re great at what they do, so if you haven’t already, we recommend you install security lights.

Furthermore, another great way of keeping your office secure is by installing other security measures and checking on them over the Christmas period. You can install alarms, CCTV and other security equipment, all of which will help your office valuables from being stolen. Make sure to check if the security cameras are appropriate for all weather conditions, as the cables can become loose. Whilst you’re away, you can connect your CCTV cameras to your smartphone using a dedicated app. You will be able to monitor your office from home, and a notification will come through if there have been any nearby movements. 

Enforce security measures with all staff

As well as establishing basic office rules, it’s equally vital to educate employees on office security. Everyone needs to be safety-conscious, especially during the winter months when it gets dark earlier. You can do the simple things, such as ensuring all windows and blinds are shut, so no one can peep through. Keep this refreshed in your employee’s minds, and they won’t forget to miss any security checks. 

You will more than likely have a Christmas party with your colleagues before you finish for the year, and you mustn’t allow security checks to falter. People can often skip critical security measures in the hurry to get out and join the party, but it’s important you don’t allow standards to slip, as it could have catastrophic consequences over the festive period. 

At Office Blinds & Glazing, our office window blinds can add style as well as secure your office valuables. The blinds can be firmly closed throughout the Christmas season, allowing zero items to be seen from the outside world. This is an important addition to your office and could prove to be your best investment.

key card for office door

Full parameter check 

Completing a full parameter check is basic maintenance for any employer, as it’s their job to ensure the office is secure. Many security checks will be a part of the parameter check, such as shutting windows, blinds, turning lights off and so on. This is to help deter thieves away, but you must also be aware of hackers too. 

Also, you should make sure your locks are functioning properly and are in good working order, so no one attempts to break through it. If your locks are rusty and out of date, then we advise you to purchase new ones so it will prevent thieves from breaking in. Locks can be as expensive or as cheap as you want, but we believe the better quality you can get the best chances you have of keeping your office secure. 

Hire a professional security service

If you feel like the above security precautions may not be enough to protect your valuables,, then we suggest hiring a professional security service if you have the budget. You can gain many advantages from this, for example, it will automatically reduce any stress or anxiety you have over the Christmas period. There will be a team of security watching over your business every day, and they will make sure no one tries to break in.

If a thief does try to get into your office, you will be in the best possible position, as your security will deal with it straight away. They will inform you of the break-in immediately and then report the crime to the police. So, you can be at ease knowing the situation is being dealt with and you won’t have to worry too much about it. 

There are a few security services you should consider to protect your office over Christmas. Firstly, alarm activation services is where a team of security will head straight to your office if any alarms have been activated. Another popular service is a mobile patrol, and this is where security will visit your premises on a regular basis to ensure nothing has been stolen, and everything is accounted for. Finally, there is a key holding service, which is where you trust a security company with a spare set of keys to your office. They will be able to attend your site if there is an emergency, further reducing your stress.

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21 / 12 / 2022

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