19 / 09 / 2023

Everything you need to know about glass paritions

We supply the best glass partition walls in the UK and make sure installations are done to the highest standard. We test the soundproofing of all installations to make sure they are fit for purpose and deliver the db levels stated. 

Glass partition walls and the benefits

You might be in the process of looking for a glass partitioning supplier to help bring extra light into your office space. Or you could be looking to create a meeting room that is in keeping with your modern space already. But what about the soundproofing of a glass partition wall, are they as good as a solid stud wall? We have confidential meetings that require full privacy, do glass partition walls provide full privacy?

This blog post is going to discuss these points and more, so you are well-informed if a glass partition wall is right for your business. 

Simple glass wall parition

How much are glass partition walls?

They can cost varying amounts and are very dependent on the size of the installation, we fit to measure, meaning that you only pay for what you require. We offer bespoke glass partitions so that no matter the size of the space we can fit to measure. This helps you save costs in the long run as you won’t be paying for extra glass or installation that isn’t necessary. For the best price get in contact with us directly and we will be able to quote you an exact amount based on the measurements you provide. Equally, we can come out to you and measure accurately the space for the glass partition wall.

How is a glass partition installed?

This is the most important step for any glass partition wall, as the correct installation will make sure the wall lasts over time without any problems. Rest assured we are the UK’s industry-leading independent supplier and installer of glass partitions, because of our attention to detail and appreciation for every step of the process. 

There are different designs for glass partition walls and the most modern is a frameless glass partition. This is a floor-to-ceiling design that creates an invisible effect. This is a great option for light-deprived spaces as it will flood a room with sunlight.

You set the glass partition in the top and bottom brackets for a secure fit. A clip copolymer strip is then set between the glass partition and the brackets to ensure there is no movement. Finally, a rubber gasket is used to further secure the glass partition. This will stop the glass partition from sliding at each end of where the brackets sit. 

This process typically takes 1 – 5 days depending on the size of the glass partition wall, but will be outlined at the start of the installation process and before the glass order is placed.

measuring for glass parition

What are the different soundproofing levels that a glass partition wall can block?

We supply the best glass partition walls in the UK and make sure installations are done to the highest standard. We test the soundproofing of all installations to make sure they are fit for purpose and deliver the db levels stated. 

Our single-glazed partition walls will block out 38db which will cover the top end of ‘soft sound’. This can block out noise such as whispering, keyboard typing and low-level noise. This is ideal for breaking up noise levels in an open-plan office, which is common in modern buildings. This creates a collaborative space for everyone to work in but keeps travelling noise to a minimum. 

Our double-glazed will block out 46db which will cover the middle ground of ‘moderate sound’. This is perfect for meeting rooms and the rating we’d recommend to keep private conversations private. As a level comparison it will block out dishwashers, moderate rainfall and any normal conversation. 

glass panels for parition

What are the differences?

Single glazed

Single glazing that is mighty tough and strong soundproofing against a busy office space. Single glazing partitions are good up to 38 dB which is very impressive and will keep low-level conversations private. Equally, they will create quiet spaces away from a busy office if you need some time away from your colleagues.

Single glazing comes in several different options with our fully demountable single glaze system. A range of bespoke styles will fit the needs of your office space, as a trusted supplier of glass partitions we fit industry-leading minimal and chunky framework styles. Depending on your needs and preferences we can powder coat the framework with your brand colours, this allows the glass partitions to blend into your office space and be an easy-on-the-eye addition to your space. Download the specification for Single Glazed Evolutions System Overview 

Single glazing also comes in toughened glass, or acoustic laminated glass to ensure any specific acoustic ratings you need are met. This fully bespoke approach ensures you always get what you want the first time. With the minimal design, we can keep the glass clear and add glass dry joints to give an invisible effect from floor to ceiling. However, we understand that might not be the case for everyone and does not meet the requirements for most meeting rooms. Privacy graphics or film can be added to customise the level of privacy you need in your office. 

meeting room glass parition

Single glazing can be ideal for your needs over double glazing and perfect for a limited budget. They supply a flood of natural lighting which will steep into your office and boost morale and employee productivity. It can filter in sunlight and keep your costs down from artificial light which can negatively impact your workforce. In the summer months, it can draw in light and warmth to save cold areas from being heated artificially.

We pride ourselves on the work we have done previously, our hard work and our dedication to getting glass partitions done correctly the first time. Take a read over our case studies with Windmill Green, Aston Martin Showroom and Amaze.

Double Glazed

This is our most soundproofing glass partition, you’ll find these being incorporated in many offices for full privacy. This is ideal for boosting employee productivity and to avoid disrupting the rest of the office. The floor-to-ceiling glass partition is a way to accommodate more light into otherwise dark meeting rooms. The 46dB noise rating will separate normal-level conversations well without compromising on natural light. 

They are available in many styles depending on the finish that you want. From timbers to wood partitions the team can accommodate a wide range of glazed and solid door sets to meet your requirements. 

We have high-value case studies from previous companies that have been thrilled with our services, and the transformation of a double-glazed glass partition has added to their office space. You can find our previous work with Alix Partners LLP, Tyco and TMT Trinity. We are open with our previous work and we have many clients that are recommending us to their close network.

How can you find us? Get in touch by filling out our online form if you’d like to inquire. Once we understand the scale of the project, we will then give a working time scale.

Reach out and open up your office to a new way of working.

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