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26 / 04 / 2024

Glass office partitions: Frequently asked questions

Glass partitions are used to divide up space within a building, such as an office or workspace, whilst maintaining the influx of natural light. As they are primarily glass, with metal frames, glass partitions brighten your building’s interior whilst offering an element of privacy in the sound control and division they provide. 

We are a trusted supplier and installer of glass partitions across the UK, creating and transforming workplaces and offices into a modern and professional environment. 

If you’re looking to transform your office into a brighter, more contemporary workspace, we’re here to help answer any questions or queries you may have. 

In this blog we will be answering our most frequently asked questions, shedding light on all the benefits glass partitions can have on your working environment. 


What is the weight of a Glass Partition?

Glass partitions can differ in weight when various factors are considered, for example, the dimensions, thickness of glass, or extra decorative elements or fittings. Generally, glass partitions are extremely heavy. 

We figure out the weight of our glass partitions through a simple calculation.

Weight = 2.5kg x mm (thickness) x overall m/sq. 

For a more precise measurement, contact us to discuss the overall weight or any further requirements you may have regarding your enquiry. 

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Do you check the suitability of the structure of my building to take the weight of a Glass Partition?

If you are looking to transform your existing workspace with glass partitions, we unfortunately cannot advise on the suitability of your area. Instead, we advise you to employ a Structural Engineer to carry out the required inspections on your building to ensure the suitability of your area. In reference to the previous question, we can, instead, advise on the overall weight of any proposed Glass Partitions you require. 


Do you provide freestanding partitions?

Freestanding glass partitions are without fixation to a floor or ceiling. This allows them to be moveable around your space as they are not permanently attached during installation. They instead are stabilised via a frame or base, meaning they can easily be repositioned. 

Unfortunately at Office Blinds & Glazing, we can not offer freestanding partitions as this type of installation is not something we specialise in. 


Do we use safety glass?

Safety glass is designed to reduce the risk of danger or injury if it were to break. Usually, safety glass comes in two varieties, toughened glass or laminated glass. Toughened, or tempered glass, is regular glass heated to a very high temperature, then quickly cooled down again, reinforcing it. The process of creating toughened/tempered glass leaves internal stresses, making it much stronger but also means it will shatter into small, less harmful pieces, rather than sharp, jagged pieces of glass. Upon achieving toughened glass, its strength is upwards of 5 times stronger than regular glass.

The second type of safety glass is laminated glass. Laminated glass differs from regular glass due to the plastic interlayer between two panes of glass. This plastic interlayer is usually formed from polyvinyl butyral (PVB). When laminated glass breaks, the plastic interlayer holds broken fragments together, preventing them from separating and reducing the risk of injury. Read more about Toughened and Laminated Glass.

At Office Blinds & Glazing, we only install safety glass, either toughened or laminated. Our toughened glass is either 10mm or 12mm, whilst our laminated glass is 10.8mm or 12.8mm. By law, we are required to include safety glass in all our full-height glass partitions. 

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Are your Glass Partitions Demountable and Relocatable?

For versatility, all our glass partition systems are fully demountable and relocatable. This means that if you want to re-organise your space, you can simply pick up and move your glass partitions to be re-installed elsewhere. 

However, if you are planning on re-installing toughened glass elsewhere, your space must mirror the dimensions of your previous space as toughened glass can not be cut to reduce its height or width. As toughened glass is designed to shatter upon breakage, any attempt to cut or resize your glass will result in the whole pane shattering. If you require your toughened glass partition to be resized, you will, unfortunately, need to get a specially made-to-fit glass partition to replace it. 


How do you install a Glass Partition?

At Office Blinds and Glazing, we specialise in the installation of glass partitions. Here is a general overview of the process:

  1. Preparation: The first step is to measure the area of the installation to determine the measurements required for the glass. This includes measuring the floor, ceiling and walls, ensuring there are no obstructions and that the walls are clean.
  2. Glass Selection: Next you need to select the type of glass you require. This could be either toughened or laminated glass or selecting features such as thickness, transparency or tints.
  3. Framing: Glass partitions can either be frameless or assembled with a frame, usually metal or wooden. We will ensure that the frame is securely fitted to the floor, ceiling or wall where necessary.
  4. Glass Attachment: Once a frame is in place, we will securely attach the glass pane using clamps or brackets, guaranteeing support and stability.
  5. Finishing Touches: Once we are happy that everything is correctly installed, we will do some final checks, ensuring there are no gaps, unevenness or any other issues that might affect your glass partition in the future.
  6. Clean Up: What good is a glass partition if you can’t see through it? We will ensure any debris or smudges are cleaned, removing fingerprints or other marks from either side. 

For more information on our process, read our blog, The Office Blinds & Glazing process explained.

Blaq banded glass office partitions for Office Blinds & Glazing

We hope that we’ve answered in as much detail any questions you may have regarding glass partitions and the benefits of them in transforming your workspace. If you still need some more convincing, read our blog Everything You Need to Know about Glass Partitions

If you have any other queries, do not hesitate to get in touch

17 / 05 / 2024

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