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28 / 04 / 2023

Office design trends in 2023

Since our last office design trends in 2018, there have been huge strides in the design of office spaces.

Office design has become a crucial element of the modern workplace, as employers recognise the importance of creating a comfortable and productive environment for their employees.

So, in today’s article, we will be discussing the current office design trends in 2023. 

Increasing need for flexible workspaces

Since the pandemic, flexible workspaces have accelerated drastically and this is more than likely to continue in the coming months and even years. More and more companies are adopting hybrid work models, with employees splitting their time between the office and remote work. This means that offices need to be designed so they’re flexible and adaptable to meet changing needs. An example of a flexible workplace is a ‘hot desk’, which is used by an employee when available, usually on a first come first served basis. Some desks can be easily moved too, so if you need to restructure the office you won’t have too much to worry about. 

Another reason why flexible workspaces are trending this year is the amount of money that employers stand to save by adopting this approach. It’s proving to be much more cost-efficient to have a flexible workspace as employers never know if they will increase in capacity or downsize. So it makes sense to have an office that’s designed to adapt to ongoing changes throughout the year. This also provides many benefits to the employee, as they will have the freedom to work where they want to an extent. This can increase productivity and allow them to create a greater work-life balance. 

The need for flexible offices isn’t likely to slow down any time soon, so it’s crucial you include this when you’re designing your office this year.

flexible workspace - Office Blinds & Glazing

Biophilic designs

Another office design trend which is continuously gaining popularity is the addition of biophilic designs. If you’re not sure what this is, don’t panic – we will clue you in! Biophilic office design focuses on incorporating natural elements and materials into office spaces, with the goal of creating a more sustainable, productive, and pleasant work environment for employees. Today’s society heavily focuses on being more sustainable, helping the environment, and improving employee well-being, and biophilic designs go a long way to achieving that. 

A great way to design an office focused around sustainability is with the inclusion of natural materials such as: wood, stone, and bamboo; all of which create a calming and inviting atmosphere in the office. It also gives the office a unique and trendy look which is attractive to clients, and potential new employees. Furthermore, you can also use biophilic light in your office which mimics natural light. This is perfect to increase productivity in a workspace, as more often than not, employees and employers work more efficiently when natural light seeps throughout the environment. It boosts morale too. 

Finally, depending on the size of your company, there is huge potential to incorporate outdoor workspaces. This can include outdoor patios or rooftop gardens. It’s a good idea to implement as typical office workers don’t enjoy working in the same space all the time. By having an outdoor workspace, you bring your employees closer to nature and provide a nice change of scenery with some well-needed fresh air. 

Biophilic office design - Office Blinds & Glazing

Technology integration

Technology plays a crucial role in any office, no matter the industry.  Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s vital we keep up with it otherwise we’ll get left behind. The list is almost endless for possible features you can implement in your office. Nowadays, when designing an office, the designers first thought is how can they integrate technology. This can include wireless charging stations, smart lighting, and interactive displays. Whilst this might appear to be ‘OTT’, there are actual benefits from it, such as increased productivity and improved overall employee experience which is crucial in today’s day and age. 

Also, as companies continue to rely on technology for day-to-day operations, cyber security will remain a top priority when designing an office. Cyber attacks are sadly becoming more frequent in recent times, and employers are starting to take notice of it. This is why when they’re designing an office they make sure that technology security measures are in place discreetly; the protection is invisible to the naked eye – and it doesn’t ruin the look of the workplace. Furthermore, cloud computing is becoming an ever-growing presence in the office, as it’s providing a safe place to store and access data – anytime, anywhere. 

Definitely watch this space here.

Privacy & wellness

Our final trend in this article is privacy & wellness, which like the previous section, is a yearly trend without fail. Privacy and employee well-being are crucial elements in an office environment, so it’s important to consider many factors. Firstly, open-spaced offices are seeing a revival at the moment which might be pleasing to the eye, but many employees will likely disagree with this. This is because they will feel they can’t concentrate or have sensitive conversations with their employer or colleague. So, a way around this could be adding a couple of meeting rooms in the office. Employees will then feel like they can speak to an employer or colleague about a serious matter without feeling anyone can hear them. 

If you like this idea then you can go one step further by installing glass blinds in the meeting room. They offer privacy and add a modern, aesthetic look to your office which is desired in most workspaces. You can easily control the natural light seeping through the windows, so if you’re feeling a bit enclosed you can open them manually or electronically. If you’re not sure where to find the best glass blinds, don’t worry – here at Office Blinds & Glazing, we can provide you with the perfect solution. 

Our integrated glass blinds are available in a variety of colours, sizes and materials too, so you can customise them as much as possible till you’re happy with them. If you’re eager to learn more about them, get in touch with our team of experts today!

Office privacy - Office Blinds & Glazing

We hope you enjoyed reading our latest article about office design trends in 2023. If you think we’ve missed any trends off, or you’re looking to find out more information – reach out to our team today.

29 / 05 / 2023

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