28 / 02 / 2023

How to maintain privacy in glass-partitioned meeting rooms

If you’ve recently invested in a glass partition for a meeting room, but you still want it to be private, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Today, we will explore the range of options you have which can help maintain privacy in glass-partitioned meeting rooms. 

Purchase glass blinds

A great way of maintaining privacy in your partitioned meeting room is with glass blinds. Now, you may be thinking what are glass blinds? Or, what’s different from them compared to regular blinds? Well, glass blinds are integral blinds fitted between panes of glass that make up a single or double-glazed unit. Even though the blinds are between panes of glass they can still be opened or closed manually. They’re a great addition to your office, and they provide you with more compared to regular blinds. Firstly, they offer privacy and add a modern, aesthetic look to your office which is desired in most workspaces. You can easily control the natural light seeping through the windows, so if you’re feeling a bit enclosed you can open them manually or electronically.

Also, they’re resistant to dust which is a huge positive in an office environment, as when you have clients coming in you won’t have to worry if the blinds are dusty. There’s no harm in being allergy friendly! If you didn’t have glass blinds; just the regular product, then the dust would become quite noticeable as it will build up rather quickly. Glass blinds require no maintenance, which makes them an obvious choice for busy office environments. Now you must be thinking – where can I purchase glass blinds from? Well, we have you covered.

At Office Blinds & Glazing, our integral blinds are applicable to all types of window frames and are less likely to get damaged or dirty meaning that they can usually last a lot longer. Integral blinds have become so popular in recent years because they never have to be cleaned, as the integrated blinds are sealed with panes of glass which protect them from dust. Windows with integrated blinds can maintain the warmth inside your office, so during the winter months, you won’t need to worry about the office gaining cold.

Rest assured, here at Office Blinds & Glazing we can keep you warm during the winter with our unique integral blinds. Our integrated glass blinds are available in a variety of colours, sizes and materials too, so you can customise them as much as possible till you’re happy with them.

blinds for office by Office Blinds & Glazing

Acoustic glass partitioning 

Another solution to maintain privacy in your meeting rooms is using acoustic glass partitioning. This is a special type of partition compared to the others on our list, as this is specifically designed to cancel any noise that escapes the meeting room. If you’re in need of a private conversation with a colleague or client, this is the ideal glass partition for you. Acoustic glass partitioning is also compatible with single and double glazing, so if your office has either of these partitions already installed – don’t worry about having to buy more! However, our only suggestion here to achieve ultimate sound cancellation is to equip this with double glazing. The thickness of both partitions makes it difficult for people outside of the meeting room to understand what’s being said. 

Is this worth buying? Absolutely. If your goal is to add more privacy to your meeting room, then you can’t look further than acoustic glass partitioning. 


Glass Manifestations

Furthermore, another solution to bear in mind is incorporating glass manifestations into your partitions. Now, for some partitions, this is a legal health and safety requirement to make them clearly visible and prevent injury from walking into the glass panes.  We recommend you use this to your advantage and incorporate your company logo and branding to enhance the look of the partitions and the overall feel of your office. This will heighten the look of the meeting room, and showcase to new employees and clients you’re a professional company to work with. Also, you can style the manifestations so it offers full or limited visibility to the meeting room. You can do this by designing the glass so it provides a visual shield from people on the outside looking in; whilst allowing natural light to seep through. 

This is a popular addition you can make to your office and one we highly recommend to add further privacy to your glass-partitioned meeting rooms.


Switchable glass partitioning 

Finally, our final solution to increasing privacy in your meeting room is switchable glass partitioning. If you’re searching for a more dynamic workspace that can support multiple methods, this is the perfect partitioning for you and arguably – the future of glass partitions. Also known as Smart Film Glass, the LCD film is directly applied to glass using fuss-free self-adhesive to minimise mess and ensure a flawless finish. By passing an electrical current through the LCD interlayer, the visibility of the glass completely changes state. The system is operated by either a remote control or a standard lighting switch. 

A huge benefit of Smart Film is that it can be applied to existing windows or office partitions, so there’s no need to completely reinstall special glass in your office. Of course, the glass would need to be positioned adjacent to a power supply, to allow an electric current to pass through. Somewhere to place the transformer near the feature is also necessary, and you have the option to keep this hidden away for a more sleek, elegant finish. Smart Film Glass serves as a great alternative to window blinds so you can have complete privacy as and when needed, but still retain the contemporary, modern office look. This is especially perfect for business meetings in boardrooms and conference rooms, to keep things under wraps in an instant.

smart film glass by Office Blinds & Glazing


So, now you’re clued in as to what can maintain privacy in glass-partitioned meeting rooms, the next step is to decide which solution is best for you. Get in touch with us today and let us know which partitioning you chose! 

23 / 03 / 2023

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