28 / 04 / 2022

The future of glass partitions in a post-covid office environment

Since it first broke out in 2020, covid has demonstrated the need for glass partitions in offices as a necessity. It was quickly obvious how easily germs can be spread in office environments and the impact this was having. 

Once the first lockdown came to an end, more companies were purchasing glass partitions to separate desks with the hope it would reduce the covid infection rate. This has seen positive results and increased the demand for glass office partitions.

The increased demand for glass office partitions due to the covid pandemic

The covid pandemic has made everyone aware of how easily germs can be spread if you don’t follow a strict code. It highlighted that not many people were completing the basic hygienic standards, such as washing their hands, sneezing without covering their mouth etc and this caused spikes in the infection rate.

People were engaging in this behaviour on their commute to work, throughout working hours and then on their way home on public transport (for some). This quickly had a knock-on effect, and put those who were following strict protocol in a more vulnerable position to catching the virus by simply being in close contact with others who weren’t. 

A great way of combating this issue in the office afterwards was implementing glass partitions in offices, as this would be a barrier between desks. A great benefit of glass partitions is they can be flexible which is needed in a big office environment. If they need to be moved they can, providing a quick way to separate areas of a room.

employees in an office environment

How glass office partitions reduce bacteria transmission

One of the many advantages glass partitions have in the office is that they can help prevent the spread of bacteria and aid social distancing. Once installed, germs will have nowhere to run to as there is something blocking their way. This has helped the prevention of more covid cases and has become a necessity to include in the office.

Some forget that bacteria is airborne and during a time when there was no vaccine, people were highly exposed to catching covid at its worst and the cases continued to rise – especially during the winter season. In a working environment, glass screens have made a considerable impact on blocking the transmission of viruses as employees have their own designated areas where limited germs can reach them.

A screen might appear simple but it does the job! Installing clear glass screens between desks has helped encourage social distancing more, whilst also allowing natural sunlight in so it won’t feel like you’re in an enclosed section. Glass partitions such as this are toughened which makes it compliable, secure and easy to clean too. 

If you need to change the current glass partition so that it’s taller for more safety, then we can modify the screen so it’s cost-effective for you. 

employees protected by glass screen in the office

Why they are here to stay in the future

As we have all seen from the covid pandemic, protection from the spread of germs and bacteria is essential and glass partitions offer a huge helping hand in this in offices, commercial spaces and hospitality venues. 

Glass office partitions are most definitely here to stay for the future, but not only for protection from germs and viruses. They offer a new and fresh look in an office without creating an enclosed atmosphere. They’re durable and flexible which means that you can move them to different areas of the office if there needs to be a reshuffle. 

They’re sturdy and stylish whilst looking professional too which enhances the image of the working environment. They allow natural sunlight to flourish by brightening up the office which can encourage better performance and improve employee well-being. It urges employees to work more diligently too, as they know other people will still be able to see them working.

Glass partitions bring aesthetic value to the office which is a huge wow factor if you have clients coming over for meetings. It shows that your offices are clean, smart, modern and you have nothing to hide. Long term, installing the partitions is a great investment as they can be fitted in without any hassle and you can rearrange them easily. They give you an opportunity to change your office more freely as the business grows. 

Prices can vary depending on how many glass partitions you need, but we can assure you that it will be a great investment as they’re here to stay for the long term.

workers sat side by side of an Office Blinds & Glazing glass partition


At Office Blinds & Glazing, our system can accommodate single and double glazed partitions to suit your needs. If you’re seeking glass partitions in your office then do not hesitate to call or email us today, to discuss your requirement and allow us the opportunity to provide a competitive quotation.

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